How to Up-grade to Windows 8.1


With Windows 8.1 (or Blue) release date quickly approaching many of you may be wondering how this up-date will work. Windows 8.1 is planned to be available for public preview later this month around 26th June.

For the Preview – For Windows 8.1 preview you will need 4GB of free space to install it. If you are a Windows 8 user or a Windows RT user, you will receive a prompt from Windows Update. This update will then activate the new updates to show up in the Windows Store, where users who want to test this out can choose whether to install Windows 8.1 preview or not.

Do bear in mind once you install Windows 8.1 preview version you will need to reinstall your apps.  All accounts and data will remain intact and if you ever want to revert back to Windows 8 after previewing 8.1 you will still need to reinstall your apps:

On Windows RT – Windows Store/Metro-style apps will need to be reinstalled

X86-based Windows RT – Windows Store/Metro-style apps / Desktop apps will need to be reinstalled.

Final Version – When the final version of Windows 8.1 is available, users who have previously downloaded the preview version will receive the same Windows Update and notification to up-grade and install the final 8.1 release. If you choose to go straight from Windows 8 or Windows RT to Windows 8.1 without installing the preview first you will not lose your apps as all data, settings including your apps will carry over.

Windows 8 and Windows RT users can decide when and if they want to move over to Windows 8.1 so there is no panic to decide right now.

You can take a look at some of the changes and features of Windows 8.1 here

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